Thursday, March 5, 2015

Is Katy Perry ripping off teespring?

You be the judge

Also why is Katy Perry ridiculing makers and DIYers? I'm pretty sure whoever made this costume spend a lot of time and worked pretty hard on this. I wonder how feels about this...

Sorry but not everyone has access to Designers and mass production factories that churn out 130 buck onesies..

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PoliticalSculptor's #leftshark back at Shapeways

After Katy Perry's lawyers failed to assert their copyright claim in both letters in response to my lawyer. My lawyer Christopher Sprigman contacted shapeways and counter responded to their cease and desist. 

So enough lawyer terminology for this post. Pretty much my design is back up undtil they prove copyright or send me to court. So get yours before the sharks get him.

You can get it at my Artist subdomain page 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Prior Art claim

So Greenberg Traurig the multimillion firm coming after me for "Copyright" just filed "Trademarks" for LEFT SHARK , RIGHT SHARK, DRUNK SHARK and awkwardly BASKING SHARK. Three Terms i been using in my products before they even filled their trademark applications. I wonder what this means and if they will come after me after for "Trademark" infringement using this well known Trademark Trolling technique. Will they come after National geographic and any other company interested in using the words BASKING SHARK? (thanks to @proofofUse for links to these applications)

Edit: Actually i talked to numerous IP lawyers and they claim that this move is very common. unscrupulous firms usually send nastygrams (letters meant to scare you using fancy lawyer terms without any legal backing) These nastygrams scare small business out of production until they can attain trademarks and then use this to protect a brand or item they actually never had copyright to. Welcome to the way Free market America works now where the guy with the deepest pockets win.

However, things have started to get a little bit juicier and disturbingly interesting. Looks like GT law firm is now trying to trademark "standing shark in right profile; the shark's body is blue; the shark's snout is white."  and "shark standing on two legs; the shark's body is blue; the underside of the shark's fins are whiteIn another attempt to capitalize on something they have yet to prove is "copyrighted" and that was created by the internet not them. (please note the date of the filling)

thanks @V_of_tReason

Will they switch their Copyright Nastygrams to  Trademark nastygrams? will this copyright trolling evolve into trademark trolling? this is getting out of hand for something that is dying down day by day. But i'm pretty sure GT law firm doesn't care. They probably billed thousands of dollars in hours to Katy Perry right about now. So it's a win win for them and a lose lose for us artists and the internet  that created this meme.

These guys aren't backing down not even after my lawyer Christopher Sprigman responded and responded AGAIN!! will this GT Firm take this to trial? not sure.. but if they do i'm asking my lawyer if it's possible to get left shark and right shark to testify in court wearing their outfits of course!!. (if that happens please donate to my legal fund here)

Well Anyways this post is about prior Art and who has the right to copyright and therefore capitalize on this un copyrightable piece of clothing. These GT lawyers state that they should be making all the money... i mean Katy Perry should. You know because of prior sketches that they have yet failed to publicize or prove copyright.

So thanks to the internet, artists, and people following this case i have been informed of dozens of prior art. MTV reported that Tacocat claimed the whole beach shark thing was their idea. Then @robertcopper found this link between jaws, Back to the future and Katy perry. And Finally @shanleygem claims that this "Standing shark art" was used by him in months before the super bowl.

However if these lawyers claim that a "Standing shark with two legs" is copyrightable then will they come after me for my Sad Sham-U the Orca toy art piece made in response of #blackfish?.  If you think about it my Aquatic figure has fins and a dorsal fin that might be confused with a shark. My figure has a white belly, is also standing and has two legs!! a frowny mouth and seems sad he is a slave of a waterpark..  oh my god! i'm definitely screwed.

Oh wait.. shouldn't I be doing Copyright Trolling to Katy Perry.. since i had this piece out way before Katy Perry's lawfirm started copyright trolling artists like myself.

Anyways i'm resuming sales of my Left shark at and selling a lot more politically oriented and not so political stuff at

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sorry for the delays

Hi my fellow #leftshark lover and 3D printed figurine customers. This whole lawyer thing is very stressful and takes a lot of my time.. Also had some issues with 3D printing initial orders so i like to apologize to those who bought a 3D Printed #leftshark and didn't receive it in time for valentines!!

99% of this is due to the fault of Katy Perry's law firm who want to keep this whole copyright claim going even after my Lawyer Christopher Sprigman responded to their letterS yes letters because they don't want to let this one go!!..

Any way i made this for you guys so you can give it to your special someone because the 3D print didn't make it there on time. Please tell them i apologize and tell them Katy Perry's law firm is to blame for this!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Katy Perry's lawyer is not backing out so i need your help!

Katy Perry's lawyer is not backing out so i need your help!.

Hi Guys Katy Perry's Law Firm seem to be determine to come after this ONE person Small business. My Lawyer Responded to GreenbergTraurig's nastygram monday Feb 9th. But they didn't back off and instead threatened me even further.

Thankfully my lawyer also responded but this might go to trial. Something I was hoping wouldn't happen. I can't afford to fight a multimillion dollar firm not in a million years. My hope was that Katy Perry would back off or grant me permission so I wouldn't need this legal fund. Which is why i haven't been pushing this legal fund very much. However, that hope is quickly vanishing. So please Share, Tweet, and snail mail this to your grandma. I really need your help on this one. You can See Katy Perry's lawyer response to Christopher Sprigman my lawyer. Also You can see my lawyer's second response to GreenbergTraurig's letter below

and here is the link to my GoFundme campaign

(why didn't we think of doing this wonder Dictators around the world)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Katy Perry Law Firm responds and so does Political Sculptor lawyer

So Pretty much it took less than 24 hours for Katy Perry's law firm to send a cease and desist and have my design deleted from the page. However, for some reason Katy Perry's lawyers took a much longer to respond to my lawyer Christopher Sprigman response which can be found here. 

Since then i have resumed sale of the left shark at

Anyways I'm posting Katy Perry's Law firm response here and my lawyers response below 

it can be downloaded here

My lawyer's response is here

this letter can be downloaded here

i'm speechless thanks to @proofofuse we found out that Katy Perry's lawyer used an IMAGE of my 3D printed shark in a trademark application for Left Shark.. I'm not joking, this is not an Onion Article.. I already pinched my self and i'm pretty sure is not a dream. here is a screenshot and a link to the trademark application

here is a link to the page

like i said before i'm resuming the sale of this 3D printed full color desk figurine at a different store front along with a couple other characters which include a drunk shark, pink drunk shark, and right shark. Please if you report about this please include a link to my page or